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Terms of UsePak Free Balance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pak Free Balance app is a real earning app in Pakistan. It sets forth clauses that embody the rules, requirements, restrictions and limitations that a user must agree to use our mobile app. It’s the set of rules that users must follow to access, use and continue to use our app.

  • User must follow rules or instructions for using this app.
  • This app contains just 4 to 5 data entries.
  • One mobile phone only uses one account for this app.
  • If we found multiple accounts in same phone that both accounts will be deactivated.
  • User must click once the advertisement if user got instruction or notification for clicking the advertisement to earn extra points.
  • Do not click twice on same advertisement.
  • If advertisement is not showing in the app that will reduces the user’s points.
  • Any kind of spam in the app that user will directly blocked, do not make any spam in the app like fake withdraw request, generating fake points.
  • For deleting account user must contact on our number from the contact us page.
  • Payment will be given in mentioned days,this is placed in withdraw menu.
  • If you are making any kind of abusive action such as spam our app or try to abuse our team then we will submit a report to cyber crime complain.
  • The copycat also will be reported.
  • Payment will be given to according to points rates that varies from month to month.